Pig heart

I was never a natural poet, so coming to uni where the poetry modules were compulsory was a huge challenge. This piece was born out of a day of frustration when trying to figure out why my writing wasn't improving, and became one of my best poems.


As part of my final year poetry coursework, the group was challenged to create a poem comprised entirely of found text. 'Aphorisms' consists of a range of common sayings - usually favoured by elderly women - chopped up and rearranged to make something new.

Underdog (first scene)

INT. CUT ABOVE - DAY For half past nine the salon has a fair few clients waiting, though most are pensioners with nothing better to do. They have a drink - either tea or coffee - to accompany their Friday morning gossip. One young woman perches on the edge of the long sofa the clients... Continue Reading →

The Boat Trip (screenplay excerpt)

INT. BEDROOM CABIN - DAY There are two single beds in the cabin. One is empty and unmade, and in the other lies forty-nine year old Frank who is having a nap. He is a stocky man with short dark hair and stubble. He's lying on his back snoring so loudly that he could scare small children. The window is... Continue Reading →


It was finally my turn at the till. ‘Would you like any help with your packing?’ the checkout girl asked, pulling the Co-co Pops across the scanner. ‘No, I’ll be fine thanks’. I grabbed the reusable bags from the trolley and opened one out. It was from Iceland. Shit. She caught sight of the rogue... Continue Reading →

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